Friday, September 30, 2005

OIA and OpenURL Access to OAIS

Access Interfaces for Open Archival Information Systems based on the OAI-PMH and the OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services by Jeroen Bekaert and Herbert Van de Sompel is available on the arXive preprint server.
In recent years, a variety of digital repository and archival systems have been developed and adopted. All of these systems aim at hosting a variety of compound digital assets and at providing tools for storing, managing and accessing those assets. This paper will focus on the definition of common and standardized access interfaces that could be deployed across such diverse digital respository and archival systems. The proposed interfaces are based on the two formal specifications that have recently emerged from the Digital Library community: The Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) and the NISO OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services (OpenURL Standard).

NACO Participants' Manual

The third edition of the NACO Participants' Manual was published in August and represents the collective efforts of many members of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), the Library of Congress (LC) Cooperative Cataloging Team, and the LC Cataloging Policy and Support Office. The PCC Standing Committee on Training provided assistance throughout the process. The manual addresses Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO) procedures for name authority records and is intended to be used in conjunction with other authoritative documentation, including documentation from the OCLC and RLG bibliographic utilities. The manual has been extensively revised and updated to reflect current practice. One notable change from the earlier edition is the omission of subject practices since they are covered in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings. The new publication is available in PDF file format, or as part of the LC Cataloging Distribution Service's Cataloger's Desktop.--Also from the LCCN Cataloging Newsletter v. 13, no. 12.

Program for Cooperative Cataloging

From the LCCN Cataloging Newsletter v. 13, no. 12.
The redesigned PCC Web site is now available. The new Internet resource was released in time for the ALA Annual Conference. Ana Cristan, on detail to the Cataloging Policy and Support Office, and John Mitchell of the Cooperative Cataloging Team, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, worked with Julianne Mangin and Elizabeth Miller of the Network Development/MARC Standards Office on the design and construction of the site. Modifications to the Web site were made to achieve conformity with LC's Internet security requirements, to improve consistency throughout the site, and to make it easier to navigate.

One of the PCC's tactical objectives for fiscal years 2004 to 2006 is to make the program's Web site its primary vehicle for communication, marketing, and access to all PCC-related information. To achieve this objective, the PCC Steering Committee plans to charge a task group to review content and the organization of content on the site; document the LC's policies and practices regarding adding, changing, removing, and archiving documents; solicit feedback and suggestions from users and potential users; and produce a report detailing prioritized recommendations.
Here's an idea, use RSS to distribute the news. Also get rid of the counter, it looks tacky.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

MARC Content Designation Utilization

Seymour Lubetzky asked "Is This Rule Necessary?". Now a study is being done asking "Is this field necessary?" The MARC Content Designation Utilization study is examing just what fields are being used. This could inform decisions on what fields to include in a Core Record, what fields to include in MODS. When we went from cards to computers we carried over the card into a new format. Now as we are moving from MARC to FRBR and MARCXML we should not continue to carry over unnecessary fields and practices. This study will provide an empirical basis for those and many other decisions.
The results from a recent analysis of 400,000 MARC records conducted as part of an IMLS National Leadership Grant to establish a Z39.50 interoperability testbed indicated less than 50% of nearly 2,000 MARC 21 fields/subfields occurred even once in the records, and that only 36 of the fields/subfields accounted for approximately 80% of all use. These preliminary results have sparked interest by catalogers, managers of cataloging operations, standards developers, people involved in machine generation of metadata, and others. We are proposing a research project that builds upon the initial analysis to carry out a systematic analysis of MARC content designation use in large random samples of format-specific MARC 21 bibliographic records.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MyLibrary and OAI

The MyLibrary resources table now consists of a superset of Dublin Core elements, and there are methods for doing I/O against these elements. This means it should be an almost trivial task to harvest content from OAI repositories (which require Dublin Core output) and cache the content in a MyLibrary implementation. MyLibrary can also become an OAI data repository. It also means content saved in a MyLibrary implementation will be easily cross-walked to other metadata schemes. Pretty slick. Thanks Eric.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TLA District 8 Fall Meeting

Looks like my presentation on Free MARC Tools may never be given.
In light of the havoc that Hurricane Rita continues to bring, we have decided to postpone the conference. Numerous presenters have already contacted me and informed me that they will be unavailable this weekend and other participants have suggested that they need this weekend to see to personal or work affairs after the storm. We will check with the facilities and check to see if there is available date in the future for rescheduling. As soon as I hear anything I will let everyone know. There is the possibility that the event may be cancelled altogether if we are unable to reschedule.

Joint Steering Committee

The topics to be discussed at the upcoming JSC meeting, Oct. 2005, London, UK are available.

Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries

The ACRL "Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries" Review Task Force was appointed to revise the 1999 edition of the document. The Task Force has produced a draft, which is now available for review on the ACRL website. You can go directly to the draft document or you can go to the Standards directory where it is listed.

It does have a section on access and cataloging.


Version 1.41 of MARC::Lint has been posted to CPAN.

Monday, September 26, 2005

What a Long Strange Trip....

Well, long at least. I left League City, a town about half way between Houston and Galveston, for San Antonio Wednesday at 3 pm. It is a 4 to 5 hour trip, depending on stops and traffic. By 3:30 am we had just reached the town of Katy just across Houston. We have a cousin there and we crashed at their place until 3:30 pm the next day when the TV said the traffic was moving. Ha. I spent 5 hours getting 17 miles. I arrived in San Antonio at 6 am Friday. Back home now. The lights never even went out here. No leaks or broken windows. We could have stayed, but if the storm had hit Galveston Bay, this is not a place to stay. Back to work Tuesday.