Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Amazon or Open WorldCat

A few days back I asked for opinions about where I should link to whenever I referred to a book, Amazon or Open WorldCat. The former has the benefit of providing a small kickback. Once or twice a year I could pick up a book by Walt Crawford or Steve Cohen even though there were a bit pricey. The latter option would be supporting the presence of libraries on the Web. The Amazon option will not change my life style. The WorldCat option won't make much difference to OCLC, Google or Yahoo.

Well the votes are in and the comments read. Sticking with Amazon was OK with slightly more than half who took the time to vote. One comment was very negative about staying with Amazon. So, from now on I'll link to Open WorldCat. <grin>aside: Christina I'll want my blogger tag at the next SLA sooner.</grin>

Hoping to recoup my losses I've placed a box with current reading in the sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

How about a COinS? You can put it in addition to the Amazon link, and people can use it to find the book in their home library (if their library has an OpenURL link resolver).