Friday, January 06, 2006

COinS in the OPAC?

Just thinking about COinS. Why not have the OPAC provide them for hits? Seems like most bib records should have enough info to meet the spec. Should be a simple enough tweak.

Why would someone want them? Well, our catalog is used by folks around the world doing planetary geology. They might like to see if what they found here is available locally. That might not be true of most catalogs, but it is probable true of many.

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Ross said...

David, this wouldn't be hard (in fact, I have a prototype set up for our OPAC: see -- note there's a problem with our ZServer right now, so the COinS is actually broken...), but the problem is making the crosswalk between MARC and OpenURL. You could always just include ISBN or ISSN, I suppose, but that's not terribly useful (especially since there's so much more metadata there to use).

The other hard part is figuring out which genre the object in question is.

Still, for people that have access to their OPAC's interface, this would be a good and useful exercise.

We have implemented COinS in our link resolver menu, as well, for the same reason: