Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Searching the OPAC Using IM

Google Talk IM bot to search the AADL catalog describes a tool for a group to use to search the catalog.
Adding a new library is variously easy or difficult depending on whether your library system has a programmer-friendly way to display search results. At worst, I return a link to the search results, so that you can click through to the right search page. At best (for AADL) I return the search results as individual items so you can click through to a particular hit.
Emphasis mine. Why would you have a system that would not be user-friendly to programmers?


Anonymous said...

Good Question - according to III, it would put them out of business to allow such open access to their ILS. *sigh*

Edward Vielmetti said...

It looks like there's at least a little hope on the horizon, with the SRU standard at least getting rid of some of the rough edges.