Friday, June 09, 2006

BlogBridge: Library

BlogBridge: Library is a soon-to-be-released product that looks interesting. It is a tool for organizing and presenting RSS feeds. This might be a good way to provide access to news for specialized groups we serve. One for the genealogy folks, another for the bird watchers, another for the anime crowd. For each resource it provides a thumbnail of the page, link, RSS, and an OPML file for the group.
Here is a crucial point that many people will miss but is critical to understand BBL: BlogBridge:Library is a piece of software that you can install on your own server, inside your firewall. It's not the content of the library (the books,) it's the software to organize the library (the building.)

BlogBridge:Library (BBL) creates a flexible web based structure to showcase Feeds, Reading Lists and Podcasts to employees in your company, or members of your organization. It will be the 'store' where users can browse and search for recommendations of content to read with their Aggregators. And, here's the important point: these are recommendations by people in your organization for people in your organization.

P.S. Thurs. June 15. BBL is written with PHP and uses MYSQL, mainstream requirements. They will package it with installation instructions so that any basically skilled web master should be able to install it. Pricing not yet determined.

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