Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flamenco Search Interface Project

Karen G. Schneider in an e-mail mentioned the tool, Flamenco.
The Flamenco search interface framework has the primary design goal of allowing users to move through large information spaces in a flexible manner without feeling lost. A key property of the interface is the explicit exposure of category metadata, to guide the user toward possible choices, and to organize the results of keyword searches. The interface uses hierarchical faceted metadata in a manner that allows users to both refine and expand the current query, while maintaining a consistent representation of the collection's structure. This use of metadata is integrated with free-text search, allowing the user to follow links, then add search terms, then follow more links, without interrupting the interaction flow.

FLAMENCO stands for FLexible information Access using MEtadata in Novel COmbinations.

Open source. Now if we could get classification schedules in a structured format to load wouldn't that be sweet. How about loading the subject authorities and linking from the terms to the records using those terms? Seems like an SRU string could easily be created on the fly from any term chosen. That way all the cross references and hierarchy present could be exploited. The user would never even need to know they were in a separate database.

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Anonymous said...

Flamenco actually is really easy to build collections with. In about an hour I was able to create a collection with about 25,000 photos. You are right that it is pretty much just dependent on your classification systems.