Friday, June 23, 2006


Version 1.71 of USEMARCON is available for download.
USEMARCON is a software application that allows users to convert bibliographic records from one MAchine-Readable Cataloguing (MARC) format to another. Approximately fifty variant MARC formats are currently in use throughout the world. The differences between the MARC formats present a barrier to the easy exchange of records. This is a fundamental problem for libraries, and necessitates the costly re-cataloguing of material for which records are already available, but in a MARC format other than their own.


USEMARCON facilitates the conversion of catalogue records from one MARC format to another e.g. from UKMARC to UNIMARC. The software was designed as a toolbox-style application, allowing users with detailed knowledge of the source and target MARC formats to develop rules governing the behaviour of the conversion. Rules files may be supplemented by additional tables for more accurate conversion of MARC-specific character sets or coded information. The tables and rules files are simple ASCII text files and can be created using any standard text editor such as MS Windows Notepad.

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