Friday, April 28, 2006

COinS in Open WorldCat

OCLC in now using COinS in Open WorldCat.
OCLC has added COinS to its Open WorldCat Web pages. COinS, or Context Objects in Spans, is a standardized way to invisibly embed bibliographic metadata into a Web page's HTML, using the OpenURL metadata. This allows other tools, such as Web browsers, to identify citation metadata in Web content and automatically generate links to appropriate resources in a user's own library.

Series Authority Records

Petition to Prevent the Library of Congress From Abandoning the Creation of Series Authority Records. Not that I think it will do any good, but it can't hurt, and is easy. If they wanted input or were willing to consider alternatives, they would not have left such a short time between announcement and implementation.

TLA 2006 Photos

Some photographs by Jenny "The Shifted Librarian" Levine from the Texas Library Association annual conference are available.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Call for bloggers for NRMIG at ALA Annual

The ALA ALCTS Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group (NRMIG) would like to invite bloggers to cover (ie. blog about) our events at ALA Annual in New Orleans. The first is a panel discussion of metadata librarians at our meeting on Sunday morning, June 25. The panel will consists of librarians who do hands-on non-MARC metadata work as a substantial part of their regular job duties. They will discuss what they actually do day-to-day, how they have learned (and continue to learn) what they need to know to do their jobs, what they think is the direction of this kind of work in the future. The second is our sponsored program "Digital Rights Management and Institutional Repositories: Achieving Balance in a Complex Environment," Saturday, June 24, from 1:30 - 5:30 pm. This program will provide a forum for discussing trends in DRM and its applications in institutional repositories. The speakers for this program include Denise Troll Covey, Carol Hixson, Karen Coyle, and Edward Colleran. If interested, just show up and blog!

For more information, contact Brian Surratt, Program Co-chair for NRMIG.


Off to TLA. Be back Monday with regular postings. I may try to post from the conference, but it is so full, I'll not make any promises.

Library Toolbar

The Georgia State library has a Firefox extension toolbar for their users. It is based on the LibX toolbar created at Va. Tech. An easy way to make their resources more available to their users. LibX is open source, consider customizing one for your institution.

Read or Die

R.O.D. is now available in a manga version. Hope it lives up to the anime version.

P.S. May 1. I can't give this a very positive review. The anime, both the series and OVA, are among the best in that media. I had very high hopes that that level of quality would be sustained in the manga. No such luck. The action sequences are confusing. Some of the content, attempted rape of a high school girl by a middle aged man, does not fit well with other story aspects that are just too cute. I'll look at the other titles in the series before purchasing. This one is not recommended. Stick with the anime for now.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Free Comic Book Day

Only 12 days left to Free Comic Book Day. Is your library ready?