Friday, May 05, 2006

Map Cataloging Tool

Here is some information on obtaining a very useful tool for map cataloging.

The Map Scale Indicators (MSI) is a tool for calculating map scales that is particularly useful for map cataloguing or other types of descriptive uses. It is printed on translucent, stable base, four mil film, and measures approximately 4 x 16 inches. The MSI can be used to calculate scales in miles, kilometers, degrees of latitude, and feet, generally from bar scales or grids on maps. They are no longer available from Memorial University of Newfoundland's Department of Geography.

Map Scale Indicators -- each USD or Canadian $18.00 -- postage and packing included.

Order from:

Clifford H. Wood, PhD
Professor (Retired), Memorial University P.O. Box 225 Ilderton, Ontario CANADA N0M 2A0

Seen on Maps-L.

Librarian Toy Sets

Great fake ad from the latest Rex Libris.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

LC Series Decision

American Libraries is taking a poll on the decision by the Library of Congress to stop creating series authority records.

Will the Library of Congress' decision to cease creating series authority records affect your library's technical or public service capability?

It does not seem that there is a good explanation, on the Web, written for our users that explains what this means to them. There are some very good posts in e-mail lists, but those require registration and login. There are some good explanations for librarians of what this means for our patrons. Something needs to be written for the general public that clearly and without jargon says what it means to them. No mention of MARC, 440 vs. 490, OPAC, or other terms like that. I may take it on but would not object if someone else found the time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Recent Acquisitions from LPI Feed

Now the Lunar and Planetary Institute library has an RSS feed of new items in our collection. This is a selective list, items to support our computer center, second copies and children's books are not included.

The Web page includes COinS.


RLG and OCLC are going to unite.
Two of the world's largest membership-based information organizations have agreed to come together. The combined organization will offer an integrated product and service line, and will give libraries, archives and museums new leverage in developing services, standards and software that will help them support research and disseminate knowledge online.

The RLG Board of Directors and OCLC Board of Trustees have recommended that the two service and research organizations be combined effective July 1, 2006. If approved by RLG member institutions, RLG’s online products and services will be integrated with OCLC products and services, and RLG's program initiatives will be brought forward as a new division of OCLC Programs and Research.

University of Rochester eXtensible Catalog (XC) Project

The 2.0 library catalog is coming.
The University of Rochester's River Campus Libraries will take the lead in studying how best to develop an open-source online system that can unify access to traditional and digital library resources. With a $283,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the University will begin planning and requirements analysis activities for a new system known as eXtensible Catalog (XC).

XC has the potential to allow future library users at any level of proficiency to get more out of academic library collections and to give academic libraries more control over how best to help people gather information. As envisioned, XC's simple yet powerful interface will allow users to navigate through comprehensive search results sorted into useful categories that will give them the resources they seek more easily.

BTW Jennifer Bowen one of the co-principal investigators is also the main editor for RDA. It is amazing how much some folks can accomplish.

Sandy Berman Catalog Available

The catalog created while Sandy Berman was at Hennepin County Public Library is once again available.
This site is an interpretation of the Hennepin County Public Library catalog records as obtained from the UIUC Archives. Alas, it is not a fully functional catalog--and it barely makes use of the rich access points found in this data. However it hopefully provides a snapshot of the innovative work done at the HCL under Sanford Berman.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

LPI Contribution Series

The contribution series at the Lunar and Planetary Institute now has an RSS feed.
To document the activities of the visiting and staff scientists and other work supported by the Institute, this formal series called "Lunar and Planetary Institute Contributions", was initiated in September 1969 while the Institute was under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences. The series continues to today documenting the scientific research, meeting-related publications, educational materials, outreach products, and other activities of the Lunar and Planetary Institute under Cooperative Agreement NCC5-679.
These pages also contain COinS for the more recent and fuller citations.

LC series Decision

Does anyone know of a well written description of the problems associated with this decision that would make sense to someone outside the profession? Something that does not require a login, just a plain URL. That excludes some very good postings on RADCAT and AUTOCAT. Thanks.

Monday, May 01, 2006

NJLA Podcasts

The New Jersey Library Association had a podcasting station at their recent conference. Nice idea. However, they should have paid more attention to the MP3 ID tags. Where were all the catalogers? They had the speakers name as the title and that was it. Where were the artist, album, track, year, comments, and genre? Most of those could be fixed with a global change. Something like mp3tag would do the trick. Its not just MARC anymore.

Cataloging Documentation

Free PDF Versions of Selected CDS Publications. The following publications are available as free PDF files beginning with the first issue of the 2006 subscription year:
  • Cataloging Service Bulletin--Issue No. 111 (Spring 2006)
  • Updates to Library of Congress Rule Interpretations--Update No. 1 (2006)
  • Updates to Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings--Update No. 1 (2006)


Version v.2.2.1-3 of phpMyLibrary has been released. It is a PHP MySQL Library automation application. The program consist of cataloging, circulation, and the webpac module. The programs also has an import export feature. The program strictly follow the USMARC standard for adding materials. Free.

Seen on oss4lib.

Jessamyn West

At TLA this year I had the pleasure to hear Jessamyn West speak. If you ever have that opportunity do not miss her presentation. She presents so very well, includes plenty of humor and discusses principles to which we should all pay more attention. Even if you happen to disagree with her about something, her skill as a speaker and considered thoughts are worth hearing. Thank you Jessamyn for one of the high points of the conference.

LC Series Decision

This was posted to RADCAT
This is to let you know that the Acquisitions & Bibliographic Access Directorate at the Library of Congress is delaying implementation of the decision to cease series authority control until June 1, 2006, due to the multiple concerns expressed by external institutions. As stated previously, any comments may be directed to:

Mr. Beacher Wiggins
Director, Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave, SE
Washington DC 20540-4200
202-707-5325 (phone)
202-707-6269 (fax) (e-mail)

**NOTE: this e-mail is for informational purposes only; any opinions expressed are not an official communication from the Library of Congress**