Friday, June 30, 2006

Adding Coordinates to Authority Records

The proposal to add coordinates to authority records passed.

MARC PROPOSAL NO. 2006-06 Definition of field 034 for geographic coordinates in the MARC 21 Authority Format.

This paper proposes the addition of field 034 to authority records for geographic coordinates associated with places. This field would eventually form the basis for coordinates-based retrieval of all cataloged records containing those geographic terms.

Statement of Principles

Several new translations of the Statement of Principles have been posted on the conference Web-Site, the Arabic, Estonian, German and Serbian translations of the April 2006 draft and the Serbian translation of the Glossary.


The latest issue of TechKnow, v. 12, no. 2, July 2006 is now available. This issue includes:
  • FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology - A New Spin on an Old Standard / Ione T. Damasco, University of Dayton
  • Mohican II A Roaring Success / Roger M. Miller, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
  • A Deaf Librarian's First Time at the OLC's TS Retreat / Julia Dunlap, Arkansas State University
  • Cataloging Playaways--Is it in your Future? / Jeanne Poole, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
  • Death Dates Added to Some Personal Name Headings / Amey L. Park, Kent State University Libraries and Media Services
Don't you love the ISBD puncutation seperating the titles and statements of responsibility?

Thursday, June 29, 2006


I've been asked to talk about ISBN-13 at next year's Texas Library Conference. I've FURLed a few pages, but if you know of some not to be missed resource, please let me know. Plenty of time.

Also on the panel are folks discussing Resources Description and Access (RDA)and the Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records (FRBR) Can't wait to hear those talks.

COinS Browser Extensions for Your Library

COinS Browser Extensions for Your Library provides a handy list to add this tool to your desktop.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Identifiers in Public Namespaces

Inkdroid discusses The "info" URI Scheme for Information Assets with Identifiers in Public Namespaces and has some ideas on how it can be used by the library community.
Now why would you *ever* want to express a LCCN as an info-uri? The LoC has spent a lot of time and effort establishing these personal name and subject authorities. You might want to use a URI like info:lccn/no9910609 to identify Tim Berners-Lee as an individual in your data so that other people will know who you are talking about and be able to interoperate with you. For example you can now unambiguously say that Tim Berners-Lee created Weaving the Web
Another public identifier would be an OCLC ID number. How aout the MARC Organizations codes? We have lots we can share and reuse in the wider community.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Disseminating Service Registry Records

Apps, Ann (2006) Disseminating Service Registry Records. In Martens, Bob and Dobreva, Milena, Eds. Proceedings ELPUB2006, The Tenth International Conference on Electronic Publishing - Digital Spectrum: Integrating Technology and Culture, pp. 37-47, Bansko (Bulgaria).
The JISC Information Environment Service Registry (IESR) contains descriptions of collections of resources available to researchers, learners and teachers in the UK, along with technical service access details. This paper describes the data model and metadata description schema of IESR, and the services IESR provides to disseminate its records. There is a particular focus on the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) interface, including a possible use scenario. IESR's position within a wider information environment, its relationship to other initiatives, and future possible service registry directions are discussed.

OpenURL Standard at OCLC

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) and the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announced that OCLC will assume responsibilities as Maintenance Agency for The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services (ANSI/NISO Z39.88-2004) for a period of five years. The standard defines architecture for creating a context-sensitive networked service environment.

From the news release.

Monday, June 26, 2006


unAPI Version 1 (normative) is now available.

unAPI is a tiny HTTP API any web application may use to co-publish discretely identified objects in both HTML pages and disparate bare object formats. It consists of three parts: an identifier microformat, an HTML autodiscovery link, and three HTTP interface functions, two of which have a standardized response format.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Library Playset

Here's a fun setting for your Nancy Pearl action figure, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Library Playset.

MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions

The codes listed below have been recently approved for use in MARC 21 records. The codes will be added to the online MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions.

The codes should not be used in exchange records until after August 23, 2006. This 60-day waiting period is required to provide MARC 21 implementers time to include newly defined codes in any validation tables they may apply to the MARC fields where the codes are used.

The following codes are for use in subfield $2 in Bibliographic and Community Information records in 6XX fields and field 040, subfield $f in Authority records (Cataloging Source / Subject heading/thesaurus conventions).


Basic genre terms for cultural heritage materials [use after August 23, 2006]


CONOR.SI (name authority file) (Maribor, Slovenia: Institut informacijskih znanosti (IZUM)) [use after August 23, 2006]


Hoitotieteellinen asiasanasto (Helsinki: Sairaanhoitajien koulutussäätiö) [use after August 23, 2006]


Sociological Abstracts Thesaurus (Bethesda, Maryland: CSA) [use after August 23, 2006]


Alphave-tikos Katalogos Thematiko-n Perigrapheo-n (Naupaktos: Papacharalampeios De-mosia Kentrike- Vivliothe-ke- Naupaktou) [use after August 23, 2006]


Katalogos Kathiero-meno-n Typo-n Syllogikou Katalogou Demosion Vivliothekon (5 vols.) (Livadeia: De-mosia Kentrike- Vivliothe-ke-Levadeias) [use after August 23, 2006]


Archeio Kathiero-meno-n Epikephalido-n (Athe-na : Ethnike-vivliothe-ke- te-s Hellados) [use after August 23, 2006]


Katalogos kathiero-meno-n onomato-n physiko-n proso-po-n (Athe-na: Ethnike- vivliothe-ke- te-s Hellados) [use after August 23, 2006]


Katalogos Helle-niko-n thematiko-n epikephalido-n (Athe-na: Ethnike- vivliothe-ke- te-s Hellados.) [use after August 23, 2006]


Thesauros Helle-niko-n Oron (Athe-na: Ethniko Kentro Tekme-riose-s) [use after August 23, 2006]

The following code is for use in subfield $2 in Bibliographic and Community Information records in the 084 field and in the 065 field in the Authority format.(Other Classification Number / Source Number).



International Patent Classification (IPC) [use after August 23, 2006]

The Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office provides information about existing and newly assigned MARC codes on its Web site as well as notices such as these to subscribers to its MARC listserv. (