Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tagging and Controlled Vocabalaries

EntityDescriber is an add-on tool for Connotea that allows taggers to select terms from a controlled vocabalary.
E.D. is a mechanism for intersecting the Semantic Web with the normal Web. It lets Connotea users (though we may extend it to other systems such as annotate (tag) resources on the Web with terms from existing controlled vocabularies such as MeSH, the Gene Ontology, the Atom ontology, and the Person ontology. For more thoughts on and progress with ED, see blog posts about ED.

You might enjoy using ED if any of the following apply to you:
  • You would like to organize your tags more effectively
  • You are using Connotea to create a reference system - for example for a class
  • You are a member of a group of people that would like to use a common set of tags - possibly with the aim of creating a nice reference library
  • You like the idea that every time you tag something you are contributing to the semantic web
  • You would like to utilize queries over your collection and others that take advantage of the structure of ontologies. For example, queries for "brain", that return resources tagged with "hippocampus", "cortex", "cerebellum", etc...
  • You would like to help an aging graduate student add one more chapter to his thesis...

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