Thursday, October 18, 2007

Amazon MP3s

Amazon has started selling DRM-free MP3s. They are encoded at 256 kb and sell for 89 to 99 cents each. Does this pose a threat to iTunes? Well the convience is lacking at Amazon. At iTunes you get seamless throughput from iTunes to your computer to your iPod. At Amazon each of those steps requires something on my part. A little bit better skill set.

The other part is the catalog. No Beatles, almost no U2. They do have the Frank Sinatra With Bono song. Only one song by the Corrs. A good selection of Pentangle. I'll give it a try, but with the limited catalog and being less convient, I don't see this as an iTunes killer.

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Orangeaurochs said...

The important thing is that it kills off DRM rather then itunes. If it is a success, which will mean getting the other two big labels on board, then itunes, or rather the labels again, will have to think about dropping DRM for commercial reasons.

From my personal point of view, Amazon have said they are working on a Linux version of their album downloader, unlike itunes, and their basic song sales are platform independent, which makes it a winner for me. If, that is, they ever open up the service to the UK...