Monday, October 08, 2007

Email Access

Providing access to a collection of email messages isn't something we worry much about, unless we are archivists. Still providing access is what catalogers do. An IMAP plugin for SquirrelRDF by John Recker, Davide Eynard, and Craig Sayers. HPL-2007-161.
The Semantic Web aims to make information accessible to both humans and machines, using standard formats for data and making information available in a formal and structured way. Since the advent of RDF (Resource Description Framework) there have been many efforts to extract and convert existing information in this format. In this paper we describe an adapter tool for the IMAP protocol, developed as a plugin of SquirrelRDF1, which allows users to query IMAP mailboxes using SPARQL. The information returned looks like RDF, is always current, and can be reused and integrated inside other applications.

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