Monday, November 26, 2007

Controlled Vocabulary Add-on for DSpace

The Odisseia Research Group at the University of Minho has just released a new version of the Controlled Vocabulary add-on for DSpace.
This patch adds a few improvements to the controlled vocabulary add- on currently present in DSpace:
  1. The Node Schema (see [dspace]/docs/controlledvocabulary.xsd) has been updated to support other types of relationships and/or properties that are part of a true thesaurus, and now all elements in this structure are properly processed and displayed by the add-on.
  2. The add-on recognizes thesaurus/controlled vocabularies described in SKOS standard schema. This vocabulary can be created according to the W3C recommendations and must be saved with the extension ".skos".
  3. In the DC metadata fields you wish to control, it is now possible to configure distinct vocabularies associated to specific communities. You may also define one or more generic vocabularies to be used by default on the rest of the communities. To use this functionality you have to edit the file [dspace]/config/input- forms.xml and place a new "controlled-vocabularies" element under the that you want to control.

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Andrew Marlow said...

I am really stuck trying to make controlled vocab work in DSpace. Can you help me please? I have turned on the feature in dspace.cfg and edited input-forms.xml like the documentation says. But when I restart tomcat all is as it was before.

See my website, for contact details. Alternatively, see my pleas for help in the dspace-tech mailing list.


Andrew Marlow