Thursday, November 15, 2007

History of Writing

Added to my MP3 player, A Brief History of Innovation in Publishing.
Where would the people of the world be without published material? Hardly any information about anything would be exchanged even in today's modern society. Published material is so ubiquitous that you couldn't avoid it if you tried. The newspapers and websites you read, the billboards you see on the way to work, and even reports on your desk at work would all make this a futile attempt. As Sarah Milstein and Tim O'Reilly explain in this presentation, the published material we see today was not just invented recently, and in fact has been being constantly updated since the days of writing on clay tablets.
I think Tim O'Reilly would be a great keynote speaker at library conferences.

21 Nov. 2007. Had a chance to listen, and it is short with not much content. It is well presented and the recording is good, so it is worth a listen, but it is not the content-filled talk I was hoping for.

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