Monday, December 17, 2007

Joint Steering Committee Documents

The following documents were posted on the JSC website on 2007/12/17:
  • 5JSC/RDA/Sections 2-4, 9 (This is a large PDF file and may take a few seconds to open)
  • 5JSC/RDA/Prospectus/Rev/5
  • 5JSC/Chair/9/Chair follow-up/5 [Appendices WG]
  • 5JSC/RDA/Objectives and Principles/Rev
  • 5JSC/RDA/Element analysis/Rev
  • 5JSC/RDA/RDA to FRAD mapping
  • 5JSC/RDA/RDA to FRBR mapping/Rev
  • 5JSC/RDA/Scope/Rev/2
  • 5JSC/Chair/9/Chair follow-up/4 [Appendices WG]

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