Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The rest of the week I'll be in San Antonio at the Texas Music Educators' Association (TMEA) conference. I'll be presenting a poster on the TEKSLink Project. Also, I'll be providing support for my wife since she is the elementary chair, VP, and conference chair. Don't expect I'll do any posting the rest of the week. Last year, it is a two year gig, we worked from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. most days. Anyone reading this in S.A.?

MARC to Solr

There is a preconference on Lucene and Solr before the Code4lib conference. Because of that Andrew Nagy has made available his MARCXML2SOLR XSLT document. If you have some MARC records in XML and want to get them into a format Solr understands, now you can. MarcEdit, among other tools, will get your MARC into MARCXML format. Can't make it to the preconference, use this tool to play along at home.

WorldCat Identities

Thom Hickey at Outgoing describes a new research project at OCLC, WorldCat Identities. Interesting. I searched for Wright, Austin Tappan and got a page showing classification numbers used, works by him, works about him, a time-line of publications, audience level, and related names. Nice summary. Could be used in NACO work.

CONSER Standard Record Delayed

Good news from LC, the CONSER Standard Record has been delayed.
At the CONSER at large meeting held during ALA Midwinter, consensus was reached to wait for comments from the JSC before proceeding with implementation of the CONSER standard record. The expected date for JSC's discussion would be at their April meeting, or perhaps sooner, if the JSC is able to review the recommendations at an earlier meeting. Although agreement was not unanimous, the importance of CONSER libraries implementing the new standard record in a unified fashion was also supported by meeting attendees. In the event that remaining issues surrounding the full implementation of the standard record are not resolved by May, the CONSER Operations Committee will plan to discuss and recommend next steps at their regularly scheduled spring meeting.

Revision of LCRI 22.2 for Composers and Perfomers

LC is asking for comments on this change.
A discussion on the NACO-Music e-mail list concerning the current exception not to treat composers and performers as "contemporary authors" under AACR2 22.2B3 and applicable LCRIs has led to a reexamination of the need for the exception.

Before 2000, this exception resided only in the Music Cataloging Decisions (MCDs) [no longer published] and was applied by Library of Congress music catalogers and members of the NACO-Music funnel. NACO contributors unaware of the MCD may have created separate records for contemporary composers and performers under the conditions authorized in AACR2. The placement of the exception in LCRI 22.2 when it was moved from the MCDs has also generated some degree of confusion, misinterpretation, and misapplication (AACR2 itself discusses only "contemporary authors" in 22.2B3).

Given these issues, and the fact that the Cataloging Policy and Support Office has found contradictory information as to the reasons for the exception in the first place, CPSO recommends that the exception be removed from LCRI 22.2.

Monday, February 12, 2007

xISBN Service to Move

Eric Hellman has this announcement about the OCLC xISBN service.
At about 4PM EST on Tuesday, February 13, a switch will be flipped, and traffic aimed at the experimental version of xISBN will begin to be routed to a replacement xISBN service supported by the Openly Informatics Division of OCLC. Any application that follows http redirects- this should be most xISBN client applications- will continue to work without needing changes. The timing of this switch has been dictated by the decommissioning of a server, and we apologize if this short notice seriously impacts anyone.

After the switch, the traffic currently sent to "http://labs.oclc.org/xisbn/[ISBN]" will be redirected to "http://old-xisbn.oclc.org/webservices/xisbn/[ISBN]". This service will respond in almost exactly the same way that the research version has responded; you can change your applications to use the replacement address effective immediately. Of immediate benefit to all users of xISBN is be the drastically improved currency and frequent updates of the xISBN data set.

As you might guess from the replacement system host name, there will soon be a "new" version of the xISBN service. Xiaoming Liu, who has been working on xISBN for 3 months, will unveil the "WorldCat xISBN Service" at the Code4Lib conference at the end of the month.

There is a small difference in the behavior of the replacement service. If you send the replacement service a 13 digit ISBN, the entire result set will be returned with 13 digits.

If you expect your xISBN client service to use more than 1000 queries per day, please let us know (xisbn-support@oclc.org), as the traffic control systems have also changed.

To make sure that you are alerted of all of the coming changes surrounding xISBN, please make sure to sign up for the XIDENTIFIER-L listserv.