Friday, February 23, 2007

NH Classification

Here is a special classification I'd not meet before, NH Classification Schedule for Artistic Photography. Makes sense, at first glance. Why have some art books in the technology area, just because of the tools used? BTW are the computer art books in art or technology?
The NH schedule is designed for the classification of photography books of an artistic nature. It was initially compiled for the 4th edition of N, which was issued in 1970. When the Library of Congress rejected the proposed subclass for art photography, it was published by ARLIS/NA in 1974. NH has been adopted by a number of libraries with strong collections of artistic photography as an alternative to TR, which emphasizes the technical aspects of photography.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tagging and Evaluation

D. Taraborelli at Academic Productivity has posted an interesting article, Soft peer review? Social software and distributed scientific evaluation.
Online reference managers are extraordinary productivity tools, but it would be a mistake to take this as their primary interest for the academic community. As it is often the case for social software services, online reference managers are becoming powerful and costless solutions to collect large sets of metadata, in this case collaborative metadata on scientific literature. Taken at the individual level, such metadata (i.e. tags and ratings added by individual users) are hardly of interest, but on a large scale I suspect they will provide information capable of outperforming more traditional evaluation processes in terms of coverage, speed and efficiency.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Connexion Problem Fix

OCLC has developed updates to install to fix the problem in Connexion client caused by Microsoft Windows update KB918118. With KB918118 installed on your workstation, you cannot open and display records from online or local files in the Connexion client.

To fix this problem, go to the OCLC software download page and download and install the Connexion client 1.70 update or the Connexion client 1.60 update, depending on which version of the client you are using. Go to the client known problems page for installation instructions.

Please note: When you are ready to upgrade to the next version of Connexion client, you must first uninstall both your current version and the update program.

Seen on AUTOCAT.

Tagging at Amazon and LibraryThing

Tim at LibraryThing has a long post, an article would be a better description, comparing tagging at Amazon and LibraryThing. When tags work and when they don't: Amazon and LibraryThing draws some conclusions based on the differences in the number of tags applied.
This is an extensive post, revealing the results of a statistical comparison between Amazon and LibraryThing tags, and exploring why tagging has turned out relatively poorly for Amazon. I end by making concrete recommendations for ecommerce sites interested in making tagging work.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

LC RSS Feeds

Beginning with Weekly List 1 for 2007, the Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly Lists and Library of Congress Classification Weekly Lists are now available as free RSS feeds. Users may subscribe to the feeds by clicking on the RSS link in the lower left corner of this page and selecting "Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly Lists" and/or "Library of Congress Classification Weekly Lists."

Subscribed to both.

English and Spanish Subject Headings

Here is an interesting service, still in beta, LC Subject Headings in Spanish or Encabezamientos de materia LC en español.
This a preliminary Spanish-English/English-Spanish list of subject headings. Please use it with caution! Much of the data has not yet been checked thoroughly and some of it not at all.

As of January 2007 headings from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain) have been included along with the two original sources. One these is an English-Spanish list of headings and subdivisions under development at the Queens Borough Public Library. The other is a set of bibliographic records from the catalog of the San Francisco Public Library. These records contain subject headings in both languages and certain patterns made it possible to match Spanish to English with a fair degree of accuracy. Most of the errors in matching were removed through a manual review.