Friday, August 24, 2007

Social Software in Libraries

One of the books I'm currently reading is Social software in libraries : building collaboration, communication, and community Online by Meredith G Farkas (Amazon). It is a very readable, and seems to me reasonable treatment of the topic. Finding a mention of Catalogablog was a nice surprise.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Revised Dublin Core

Revised Dublin Core has been published as RFC 5013. This replaces the old version, RFC 2413.

Scriblio Download Now Available

Scriblio, the Mellon Award winning front end for the catalog, is now available for free download. It is based on WordPress, the popular blogging tool.
Scriblio (formerly WPopac) is an award winning, free, open source CMS and OPAC with faceted searching and browsing features based on WordPress. Scriblio is a project of Plymouth State University, supported in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  • Free and open source
  • Represents bibliographic collections — library catalogs and such — in an easily searchable, highly remixable web-based format
  • Leverages WordPress to offer rich content management features for all a library’s content
  • Free and open source

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Metadata Object Description Schema Revision

Revisions to MODS.
We have revised the draft of the MODS schema version 3.3, which we had released for review in April. The revision is based on comments from the review of that draft.

Substantive changes to the previous (April 12) version:
  1. Add Xlink attribute to physicalLocation This would allow for a link to the website of the entity in physicalLocation. This is equivalent to MARC 21 852$u, e.g.
    Library of Congress
  2. Add additional enumerated values for authority under : ISO 639-3 and RFC4646. ISO 639-3 is a new standard that codes all individual languages without the criteria for usage that ISO 639-2 has. RFC4646 updates RFC3066, which details how to use language codes in Internet applications. (RFC3066 already defined in MODS). We are planning to add these to the MARC source code list used for field 041$2.
  3. Changes to MODS holdings to be generally consistent with the ISO XML holdings standard, now out for ballot as a Draft International Standard (ISO TC46).
A review of the MODS approach to holdings information is documented.

The new schema and the main MODS site has additional information about MODS 3.3 including the outline of elements and attributes.

We would like to have a 2 week review period. Please send any comments to the MODS list by Sept. 5.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Z Copy Cataloging

Z Copy Cataloging is a Z39.50 client with additional features. It is a free to use. Features:
  • Z39.50 search for records
  • Search by Title, ISBN or LCCN
  • Sort your result sets by relevancy (title search only), date, content (AACR, ISBD), or any chosen subfield (first instance only)
  • See the most important fields for copy cataloging when choosing correct records
  • View the full MARC record before choosing
  • Compare two records and choose the best
  • Optional: Check the record for common errors
  • Choose records from different targets and then choose among them to find the best record
  • Scripted changes to records
  • Output to CSV file
  • Light editing of subfields
This is an alpha release, use with caution. The developer will work for Ruby books, if you need a feature added.