Thursday, January 03, 2008

PB Core Metadata

Nope, PB Core isn't Peanut Butter Core, rather Public Broadcasting Core, metadata for public radio and television.
Yes, you can now download our starter kit including a free, fully functional FileMaker database for cataloging your content, and it’s custom-integrated with PBCore, the standard metadata dictionary worked out for you by public broadcasters!

Not sure how or why to dive into metadata? Your starter kit includes training resources and an online user guide. And if you download NOW, we will throw in a Listserv so you can trade information with media-makers just like you!

All of the scary but tedious work has been done for you! Over nearly six years, with CPB funding, a committee of your colleagues with an above-average geek quotient has ventured into this shadowy world and come back, bruised but living, with a metadata standard designed by and for both public TV and radio!

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