Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photo Preservation Metadata

Photoplus: Auxiliary Information for Printed Images Based on Distributed Source Coding by Ramin Samadani and Debargha Mukherjee (HPL-2008-2) discusses some metadata for photographs that may be useful for preservation.
A printed photograph is difficult to reuse because the digital information that generated the print may no longer be available. This paper describes a mechanism for approximating the original digital image by combining a scan of the printed photograph with small amounts of digital auxiliary information kept together with the print. The auxiliary information consists of a small amount of digital data to enable accurate registration and color-reproduction, followed by a larger amount of digital data to recover residual errors and lost frequencies by distributed Wyner-Ziv coding techniques. Approximating the original digital image enables many uses, including making good quality reprints from the original print, even when they are faded many years later. In essence, the print itself becomes the currency for archiving and repurposing digital images, without requiring computer infrastructure. Publication Info: To be published and presented at VCIP 2008 - Visual Communications and Image Processing 2008, San Jose, CA

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