Friday, February 08, 2008

Cali Lewis @ TLA

I notice that Cali Lewis is scheduled as part of New Fair. In the past this has been a draped-off area in the exhibit area. Both small and noisy. I'm not sure this is the best venue for a Web 2.0 star. As someone who been on MSNBC and the CBC TV as well as having a very big Web presence she deserves a better space. I think she may also draw a larger crowd than the Nat Fair can handle. I'm going by the spaces I've seen in the past. Maybe this year's Net Fair is both quiet and spaciuos. I hope so.

Having someone like Ms Lewis speak well of the conference and profession is excellent PR. This is a chance to show the Web 2.0 crowd what the library 2.0 crowd is doing. I just hope we don't waste the opportunity.

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reggy said...

Who is cali lewis? I think youre refering to the owner of thats very beautiful and very active making interview and review to great companies dedicating software and hardware.

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