Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FRBR and Moving Image Materials

Greenwood Publishing Group kindly gave Martha Yee permission to post her chapter (Chapter 11, FRBR and Moving Image Materials: Content (Work and Expression) versus Carrier (Manifestation)) from Arlene Taylor's book, Understanding FRBR, at the UC eScholarship repository.
Some of the major problems with Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition (AACR2R) stem from the failure to clearly analyze the FRBR entities work and expression (content) so as to distinguish them from manifestation (carrier) for nonbook materials such as moving image materials. In this chapter, a clearer and more logical analysis of these concepts is attempted, and, at the end of the chapter, the progress made so far in RDA (Resource Description and Access) development is assessed as well.

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