Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A orginization for music teachers is looking for a grant to help with their lending library. They need funds to:
  • converting videos to DVD format
  • acquisitions of video or DVDs of the "big name" presenters who are no longer with us
  • setting up a system for delivering "videos" over the Internet to borrowers
Any suggestions? Thanks.


Unknown said...

BTW They are located in Cleveland. So any LIS student that wants to tackle part of this for a capstone project, let me know.

VWB said...

not sure what level your group in need is but this organization gives money to public school teachers/groups...
A friend here in Houston applied for $ for classroom equipment that was not going to be replaced by the district...she got it &is currently using...so it is "real"...in her case, took about 6 weeks from application to being awarded her amount... they give for ALL kinds of stuff...furniture, equipment, books, supplies, etc, etc.!!

and congrats on the 5th anny & the new look!