Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've added this weblog to the Facebook Blog Network, now you can read it there is that is your preference.

Making your content available in more places makes metrics hard. Before Bloglines, Google Reader, Facebook Blog Network, Planet Catalog, and all the rest I could get a feel for the number of readers. Didn't matter too much to me, this is done for my own benefit as well as the community. However, if I was in a position and needed numbers to justify the work it would make it difficult.


Jim McCluskey said...

I discovered your blog recently and have been enjoying it.

Wordpress.com has a great statistical package, that allows you to track a number of features either by day, month, quarter,or all time.

My department, ( Collection Development) has been blogging since last November, and we chose Wordpress over Blogger precisely because we wanted to be able to report statistics if asked.

Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

I think FeedBurner (now a part of the Google empire) does a pretty good job at summarizing how and where content is used. In particular:

Subscription data (e.g. number of subscribers by day, previous week, last 30 days and all time) and Reach data (the estimated number of individuals clicking or viewing your feed content in a given day)

Breakdown of feed readers and aggregators, email services, web browsers and bots by which subscribers are accessing your content