Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photographic Metadata

I was recently asked about adding metadata to photographs. After describing our tools, I did a quick search and found a MS image metadata tool, Microsoft Photo Info. Who could have guess so many folks would want to catalog images? I have yet to give it a try, but it look like a decent basic tool.


A orginization for music teachers is looking for a grant to help with their lending library. They need funds to:
  • converting videos to DVD format
  • acquisitions of video or DVDs of the "big name" presenters who are no longer with us
  • setting up a system for delivering "videos" over the Internet to borrowers
Any suggestions? Thanks.


The full text of the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) incorporating the amended definition of the expression entity as well as the errata identified to date has been made available on IFLANET in both PDF and HTML formats.

For the first time, the HTML versions of both the current text and the original 1998 text include the tables, rather than just references to the PDF version.

Notice distributed via e-mail.

Cataloging Research

“Just where’s the damn book?,” or, Rediscovering the art of cataloging by Chad P. Abel-Kops is now available on E-LIS.
Current discussions on the future of cataloging describe a "crisis" that has been going on longer than most realize. However, new challenges posed by the Internet have given increased attention to a more complete transformation of bibliographic control. Contributions by Calhoun and others have shown that much can be gleaned from research in fields beyond library and information science, namely in documenting how people actually react to information and the process they employ in its discovery. While many technical solutions have been offered in these discussions, the author considers the more elusive social and moral dimensions which help explain why what has been described as a "crisis" continues.

Friday Humor on Tuesday

Very funny. “Steroid” Scandal Rocks Major League Libraries by Daniel Cohen.

Map Catalogong Resource

News of this MAGERT publication was distributed in email to several lists.
Did you miss ALA's preconference on cataloging early maps and atlases, Rare, Antiquarian or Just Plain Old: Cataloging Pre-Twentieth Century Cartographic Resources, which was held last June at the Library of Congress prior to the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.? It was organized by the Map and Geography Round Table, and co-sponsored by ALCTS, GODORT, and RBMS. The workbook used in the preconference and issued to participants has been reprinted and is available for purchase from MAGERT for $40. Our current supply will soon be sold out, but we are doing another printing in response to your firm orders. So to be sure to obtain a copy, send your requests without delay to the address below. The workbook includes illustrations and cataloging examples taken from sheet maps, atlas plates and atlases, focusing on early and pre-twentieth century cartographic materials. Some of the areas covered by the workbook include elements of description, transcription, mathematical data and supportive research. The $40 price includes shipping and handling.

Orders for the workbook, Rare, Antiquarian, or Just Plain Old, should be sent to:
Jim Coombs
MAGERT Publications Distribution Manager
Maps Library
Missouri State University
901 S. National, #175
Springfield, MO 65897 USA
Email: jimcoombs@missouristate.edu