Friday, October 24, 2008

Field 440

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging has issued PCC Guidelines for Field 440 for implementing the recent decision to make field 440 obsolete. The PCC recommends that members implement this change beginning Oct 24, 2008.

Political Cartoons

Landbeck, Chris (2008) Issues in Subject Analysis and Description of Political Cartoons. In Lussky, Joan, Eds. Proceedings 19th Workshop of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Special Interest Group in Classification Research, Columbus, Ohio.
Political cartoons are not meant to record visual evidence of an event as a photo might, neither are they created to act as icons for the events that they speak to. Rather, they treat the events of their day with an acknowledged slant in the point-of-view, draw correlations between events when such correlations might exist only in the mind of the artist, or deride (or, rarely, admire) individuals or organizations. In all cases, political cartoons fall far more on Fidel’s Object pole than they do on her Data pole (1997). Indexing political cartoons offers a unique challenge in the larger realm of indexing images. But while subject access has been the focus of image indexing research in recent years, and is a robust and active topic of discussion and debate, it has rarely been turned to the realm of indexing opinion, visual or otherwise. Will Armitage and Enser’s Panofsky-Shatford mode/facet matrix (1997) be more useful in such work than Jorgensen’s 12 classes (1994), or will an entirely new measure of subject need to be developed? This paper asks questions within this realm of image indexing as it pertains to political cartoons.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cartographic Cataloging

The October 2008 issue of base line, the newsletter of the Map and Geography Round Table (ALA), is now available on the MAGERT Web site. Cataloging news and an article on metadata in GIS, ArcGIS in particular.

Video Game Price Drop

My favorite game, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, just had a price drop to $19.99. I paid almost $50.00, and thought it worth every penny.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Version of marc4j

For the first time in almost two years there has been a new release of marc4j. Release 2.4 is a minor release in the sense that it shouldn't break any existing code, but it's a major release in the sense that it represents an influx of new people into the development of this project, and a significant improvement in marc4j's ability to handle malformed or mis-encoded marc records. Release notes.

Adapted from the email sent to code4lib.

21 Oct. 2008 URL fixed.

Cataloguing Section's Pages on IFLANET

There have been a number of updates and additions to the Cataloguing Section's pages on IFLANET.