Monday, January 12, 2009

COinS News

Swignition looks for Z3988 in a variety of places, not just the standard ContextObjects in Spans span tag. It looks for a rel="Z3988", blockquote class="Z3988", q class="Z3988" and cite class="Z3988".

Swignition is:
  • a Perl library for parsing files (what files?) into an RDF triple structure, and for outputting that data in a variety of serialisations and other formats (which formats?).
  • a TCP service that listens on port 26464 and uses the library to parse any URIs it's asked to.
  • a command-line client that acts as a simple interface for the TCP service (but calls the library directly if it detects that the service is not running).
  • a web interface (try it!) for the TCP service.

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