Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OCLC Record Sharing News

By now everyone must have seen something about the recent OCLC move to update their position on sharing records. It has been covered and discussed in many weblogs, podcasts and magazine articles. Now all that discussion has led OCLC to reconsider their position.
Members Council and the OCLC Board of Trustees will jointly convene a Review Board of Shared Data Creation and Stewardship to represent the membership and inform OCLC on the principles and best practices for sharing library data. The group will discuss the Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records with the OCLC membership and library community.
Seems a good idea. I think much of the heat was generated by the policy appearing out of nowhere and taking effect in a very short time. For a member institution, there was no membership involvement.

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suzi w. said...

thank you for this update. As a sometimes cataloger, this whole thing has me confused, and you're right, "for a member institution, there was no membership involvement."