Monday, April 06, 2009


News from LC about the PCC.
Implementation of Authentication Code "PCC" and Change in Coding Practice of 008/39 Cataloging Source Code in CONSER Records

042 code "pcc"

Beginning May 1, 2009 all CONSER institutions will use the authentication code "pcc" in place of codes "lcd" and "lc" in records newly authenticated and distributed as part of the CONSER Program. The code will be used in records for both serials and integrating resources.

Codes "lcd" and "lc" will remain valid in pre-existing records and will not be systematically changed to "pcc" at this time. Other authentication codes will remain valid and some may be used in combination with code "pcc," when appropriate.

008/39 code "c"

Beginning May 1, 2009 CONSER practice for coding the 008/39 cataloging source will also change. CONSER institutions, other than CONSER national libraries, will use code "c" (defined as "cooperative cataloging program") in all records - original or copy - authenticated and distributed as part of the CONSER Program, unless the record began as a record from a national library, in which case the source code will remain "blank". Previously, authenticated records based on existing OCLC member copy were coded "d" (defined as "other") by default.

Code "d" on existing authenticated records remains valid and will not be systematically changed to code "c" in the near future.

The coding practices of national bibliographic agencies participating in CONSER, (e.g. the Library of Congress, Library and Archives Canada, National Library of Medicine, and National Agricultural Library) will not change. These agencies will continue to use code blank in the 008/39 for original and previously unauthenticated OCLC records.

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