Monday, April 06, 2009

Date and Time Format

Work being done at LC.
The Library of Congress, in conjunction with several partners, has initiated an effort to develop a simple XML date/time format that can be referenced by XML schemas. In the MODS schema, for example, date formats are restricted to 'w3cdtf' (defined as the W3C Date Time Format Note which is a profile of ISO 8601), 'iso8601' (defined as the alternative in ISO 8601 "basic" that specifies the form YYYYMMDD, etc. rather than the form with hyphens), and 'marc' (defined as the conventions used in the MARC 008/07-14 character positions). None of these really meets the requirements of a date time format for these schemas.

Please see which provides a rationale for this work and the requirements that it addresses. We would be pleased to hear of additional requirements or any other comments or suggestions.

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