Friday, April 17, 2009

Open Access News

Peter Suber at Open Access news has proposed using tags to collocate news about open access on Connotea. A group tagging effort to collocate information seems like an interesting method to me. It could easily become polluted by spammers, but maybe Connotea has safeguards against that. Using the Connotea platform gives them a Web page, RSS feed, and email distribution.
You can participate as a reader, a tagger, or both, starting immediately. To participate as a reader, just follow or subscribe to some version of the project feed.

To participate as a tagger, you'll need to create a Connotea account, if you don't already have one. I recommending putting the "Add to Connotea" bookmarklet on your browser. When you see a new OA development, tag it with If you have time, write a brief description in the "description" box of the tagging dialog.

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Graeme said...

It would be interesting to combine tagging with a reputation system to see what effect that had on spam, as well as on tag quality. I'm thinking of a system like the one Slashdot uses for comments, where a user can set a cutoff score. In Slashdot's case, the cutoff is used to hide comments; in this case, the user wouldn't see low scoring tags.