Monday, April 13, 2009

Twitter Congress

Now you can talk back to your congressperson in soundbites.
We promised you we were working on a new and magical development in citizen activism and here it is ready to go.

We've set up a process where all you have to do is send a reply to a
special Twitter inbox, and we will transit your message to all your
members of Congress, just like on all our regular action pages.
Here's how it works.
  1. First, become a follower of
  2. Send a reply to @cxs (our Twitter inbox gateway) that includes an issue category tag word (more on this in a second).
  3. If this is your first time we will send you a special encrypted link back to your own Twitter inbox as a PRIVATE, direct message.
  4. With that encrypted link (for you and you only) you can log in as your Twitter user id at the member's configuration site, and set up your contact information for your "To Congress thru Twitter" submissions (you only have to do this one time.)
  5. And BANG! Your messages simply get delivered in real time from then on. You can even get sending confirmations if you select that option.
Sounds easy, so let's give it a try. We have already a regular action page calling for the release of the Torture Memos. How tough an issue is that to support? Are they telling us these LEGAL opinions are so shameful, so beneath contempt as example of lawyering that they are ashamed for us to even be able to see them? How are we to have rule of law, if we are not even allowed to see what law they were operating under?

OK, here's what you do. The special issue tag for this action is very simply #p963, so you go to your own Twitter home page, and in the update box you type

@cxs #p963

and you send.

Wow, was that easy or like what! And your voice, on the subject of "Release The Torture Memos Now", will be communicated to all your members of Congress, and in this case the Department of Justice too. And you still have like another 130 Twitter message characters left to add any personal comment of your own that you like ... but none is required.

All you need to do is become a follower of "To Congress thru Twitter" at, and get all your friends to do the same thing, and you can read and share together all the messages that you and your friends are generating out on the issues.

But wait, it gets even better ...

You can send a message "To Congress thru Twitter" like this on ANY issue at all you like. All you have to do is make sure you include in your message one of the large selection of defined general issue tag words (not the same #p963 of course, which has PRESET the subject about the Torture Memos) and you can speak out on any issue under the sun. Organize your friends through Twitter to speak out. Start your own initiatives. Change the world right now this instant!!!

You will get more information on how all this works once you become a follower of and send your first reply to @cxs. The system will literally hold your hand and walk you through it the first time. We'll send you your own private, encrypted link (only for you and for nobody else but you), and that will log you in so you can see more about how the whole system is set up.

So speak out on the Torture Memos. Try it out now. Send a reply from you Twitter update box like so:

@cxs #p963

If you like, add any brief comment of your own about why YOU think the Torture Memos should be released. Sure we know they destroyed the video tapes of the torture sessions. And we know that destruction of evidence, let alone the torture itself, was a very bad crime. But was it a serious crime to write a so-called legal opinion? Apparently so, since they are so desperate to keep even those opinions a dark, hidden and evil secret.

Let us shine like the sun and cast the light of truth where it is most urgently needed. Send your first "To Congress thru Twitter" reply message now. And let's fire this puppy of democracy up!

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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