Wednesday, May 06, 2009

EPA System of Registries Conference

Folks in the greater Washington DC area might find the EPA System of Registries Conference interesting.
Access to high quality information is an important part of the mission of the EPA Office of Environmental Information.The Data Standards Branch supports that goal by providing registration services for important metadata (data about data) that describes systems, data, terminology, and technology components that can be used for understanding, building, transporting, and validating environmental information.Subject matter experts in metadata management provide guidance in how to implement best practices and automated services within environmental business processes.

The System of Registries (SoR) conference is an opportunity for members of the Data Standards Branch and their contractors to interact with the scientists, regulators, and decision makers that use environmental information as well as the information technology managers, oversight officials, and developers that use the registries and their services in a more direct way.Over the past several years all of the registries and services have undergone major enhancements and new registries are being added.This is a chance for trendsetters to evaluate how you might use the new capabilities in your program and in support of your mission.

Please register early to assure your spot at this interesting and no-cost event.

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