Friday, May 01, 2009

Interoperability Levels for Dublin Core Metadata

New from the Dublin Core folks.
Interoperability Levels for Dublin Core Metadata published as DCMI Recommended Resource

"Interoperability Levels for Dublin Core Metadata" has been published as a Recommended Resource. The document discusses modeling choices involved in designing metadata applications for different types of interoperability. At Level 1, applications use data components with shared natural-language definitions. At Level 2, data is based on the formal-semantic model of the W3C Resource Description Framework (as in Linked Data). At Levels 3 and 4, data also shares syntactic constraints based on the DCMI Abstract Model. The document aims at providing a point of reference for evaluating interoperability among a variety of metadata implementations. The authors expect this document to evolve as the trade-offs and benefits of interoperability at different levels are explored and welcome feedback from its readers.
Again the DCMI Abstract Model. I've seen and heard enough about FRBR, how about some talks and discussion on the Model?

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