Thursday, May 14, 2009

Signs as Metadata

Aaron Schmidt post, Library signs are librarian metadata is one of those few that made me see something in a new light. Should catalogers, as the metadata experts, have some say in library signs? Sears or LCSH?

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Anonymous said...

We had some decent success when we changed the signs above each bookshelf from simply the DDC number (i.e., "391") to the number plus the topic (391: History of Costume). Since many of our patrons are browsers, I think it's a large improvement. A lingering issue, though, is that they are at the top of each shelf, and therefore too high to be easily noticed...

What I've been thinking about doing is getting those little moveable shelf tags and printing them with the subjects and putting them on the shelves. It would be easier if we weren't so crammed for shelf space (every shelf is full, no bookeneds), as we could break subject divides more easily--one shelf for 1920s fashion, the next for 1930s, and so on), but I think the shelf labels might help.

So, in short, yes, I spend a lot of time thinking about signage and think we should have some say in it. :)