Monday, June 22, 2009

Vocabulary Mapping Framework

The Vocabulary Mapping Framework sounds interesting.
A new initiative, the Vocabulary Mapping Framework (VMF), has been announced by a consortium of partners. This will create an extensive and authoritative mapping of vocabularies from nine major content metadata standards, creating a downloadable tool to support interoperability across communities. The mapping will also be extensible to other standards. The work builds on the principles of interoperability established in the indecs Content Model and is an expansion of the existing RDA/ONIX Framework into a comprehensive vocabulary of resource relators and categories, which will be a superset of those used in major standards from the publisher/producer, education and bibliographic/heritage communities.
Some of the vocabularies include: CIDOC, CRM, DCMI, DDEX, DOI, FRBR, MARC21, LOM, ONIX, and RDA. I'll have to take another look at the indecs Content Model, like the DCMI Abstract Model, it seems to be too little discussed.

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