Tuesday, July 07, 2009

MARC in Germany

Powerpoint slides and videos for "Umstieg auf MARC 21" Symposium MARC-ing a new landscape in data exchange are now available.
In June 2009, the project "Internationalisierung der deutschen Standards: Umstieg auf MARC 21" completed the groundwork for the full implementation of the data exchange format MARC 21 in Germany and Austria.

To mark the successful conclusion of this migration project, the German National Library hold a symposium on June 2, 2009 in Frankfurt am Main. The objective of this meeting was to exchange expertise and ideas with the aim of promoting the use of MARC 21 as a foundation of international interoperability in the library world.

  • We are in the game - German and Austrian libraries in the international MARC community / Reinhold Heuvelmann
  • MAB, UNIMARC und MARC 21 - use of three standards in BSZ / Cornelia Katz
  • The challenge of cataloguing in a MARC-based system / Gabriele MeƟmer
  • After thoughts / Sally McCallum
  • MARC 21, RDA, and the FRBR and FRAD models ... making the connections / Tom Delsey
  • Mapping RDA to MARC 21 / Margaret Stewart
  • Expectations / Sally McCallum
The talks are in English. How many conferences in the USA could be held in another language? It always impresses me that others are so competent.


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