Wednesday, July 08, 2009

OAI2LOD Server

The OAI2LOD Server seems like a useful tool if you are running an OAI repository.
The OAI2LOD Server exposes any OAI-PMH compliant metadata repository according to the Linked Data guidelines. This makes things and media objects accessible via HTTP URIs and query able via the SPARQL protocol. Parts of the OAI2LOD architecture, especially the front-end, are based on the D2R Server implementation.

Further, it provides a configurable linking mechanism based on string similarity metrics. This allows the automatic linking of OAI-PMH data with other open data sets such as DBPedia or any other OAI-PMH repository exposed via the OAI2LOD Server.

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Eric Lease Morgan said...

Very interesting. Instant linked data from OAI repositories.