Friday, July 10, 2009

Podcast Discussing RDFa

The Nodalities folk at Talis have an interesting podcast on RDFa.
In my latest podcast I talk with Mark Birbeck. We discuss the role of RDFa in bringing structure and semantics to HTML web pages, and look at effective examples from the UK Government’s Central Office of Information.

During the conversation, we refer to the following resources;

  • Creative Commons
  • Drupal
  • Dublin Core
  • FOAF
  • HTML
  • Linked Data
  • Microformats
  • N3
  • ODF
  • RDF
  • RDFa
  • Rule Interchange Format
  • W3C
  • XForms
  • XHTML 2.0
  • XML
  • Yahoo! SearchMonkey
This conversation was recorded on Thursday 9 July, 2009.

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BTW Nodalities is on Twitter. I'm following them as LPI_Library.

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