Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ILL Tool

Anyone using the ILL tool Odyssey?
The Odyssey software allows sites to send and receive electronic documents to other Odyssey sites, OCLC ILLiad sites, and other vendor's software that supports the Odyssey protocol. Odyssey was designed with low cost, ease of use, and network security in mind. The software is a client/server application which allows the processing application to be split off from the delivery service function. This controls cost by allowing sites to expand by just adding the processing functionality to additional machines. It helps with network security by allowing the delivery service function of the software to be run on a server/workstation that may or may not be located in the ILL office.

Best of all - it is FREE!

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Rosalyn Metz said...

Thanks David for posting this. We've been thinking about revamping ILL processes. While we aren't using this, knowing it exists is helpful.