Monday, August 10, 2009

NISO Teleconference

News from NISO.
After a brief break during July, we will be restarting the NISO open teleconference series today at 3:00 pm EDT. The main discussion topic will be the Institutional Identifier project and its status. Tina Feick, the I2 co-chair, will join us to provide an update. In addition, we'll provide some background on the two new work item proposals that are currently before the NISO voting membership, the Standardized Markup for Journal Articles and Physical Delivery of Library Resources. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

This Open Teleconference conversation is pat of an ongoing series of month calls held on the second Monday of each month as a way to keep the community appraised of NISO's activities. It also provides an opportunity for you to provide feedback to NISO on our activities or make suggestions about new activities we should be engaging in.

The call is free and anyone is welcome to participate in the conversation. To join, simply dial 877-375-2160 and enter the code: 17800743.

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