Thursday, August 20, 2009


News from OCLC.
On Sunday, August 16, 2009, OCLC implemented the changes related to the OCLC-MARC Bibliographic, Authority, and Holdings Formats Update 2009. This includes MARC 21 Updates No. 8 (October 2007) and No. 9 (October 2008), MARC Code List changes since July 2008, and user and OCLC staff suggestions. OCLC Technical Bulletin 257, which presents the details, is available... If you have read or printed a version of TB 257 before the implementation, you may want to do so again, as there have been several substantive corrections and changes. Among the points of interest:
  • Defining Videorecording 007/04 (subfield $e) code "s" for Blu-ray Discs.
  • Linking ISSNs (ISSN-L) in bibliographic, authority, and holdings fields 022.
  • Changing field 041 to separately subfield subtitles/captions for moving images (subfield $j).
  • Validating codes for subfield $2 in field 047 (musical form) and 048 (medium of performance) for the respective code lists maintained by IAML (International Association of Music Libraries).
  • Implementing two new Dewey fields: 083 (Additional Dewey Decimal Classification Number) and 085 (Synthesized Classification Number Components).
  • Implementing the repeatable 260 field.
  • Making field 440 obsolete and converting appropriate 4XX/8XX combinations.
  • Defining new subfields in field 502 for dissertation details (degree, school, date, etc.).
  • Implementing new field 542 for Information Relating to Copyright Status.
  • Implementing subfield $0 (zero) for the Authority Record Control Number in 28 bibliographic fields and three authority fields.
Appropriate data conversions and re-indexing of WorldCat will begin following the August installation.

All new searching and indexing capabilities; new fields, subfields, and indicators; and new codes can now be used in both Connexion browser and Connexion client.

Connexion browser:
  • Connexion browser users have changes to the dropdown lists for fixed field elements available for use immediately.
  • The National Bibliography Number index ("nn:") will not appear in the Connexion browser dropdown list until November 2009. In the meantime, it is available via the command line in Connexion browser. All other new indexes and new or changed language qualifiers appear in search screen dropdown lists.
Connexion client:
  • Beginning on Tuesday, August 18, 2009, Connexion client users will be prompted when they start the Connexion client software to download a new file with changes to the dropdown lists for fixed field elements. The window with the prompt is labeled "New Components Available." You do not need Administrative Privileges on your workstation to download the file. Say "Yes" to download the file immediately. Say "Remind me later" if you do not wish to download right away. You will be prompted to download the file each time you open Connexion client until you complete the download.
  • In Connexion client, all new indexes and new or changed language qualifiers do not appear in search screen dropdown lists, but may be input manually via the command line. The search screen dropdown lists of indexes and language qualifiers will be updated in the next version of the Connexion client.

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