Thursday, December 17, 2009

Open Source Institutional Repository Software Platform

The University of Rochester is pleased to announce the 1.0 production version of its new open source institutional repository software platform, IR+. The University has been running IR+ in production since August 2009.

The download

The website for the project.

IR+ includes the following features:
  • Repository Wide Statistics: download counts at the repository collection and publication level. The statistics excludes web crawler results, and includes the ability to retroactively remove previously unknown crawlers or download counts that should not be included, for more accurate statistical reporting.
  • Researcher Pages, to allow users (faculty, graduate students, researchers) to highlight their work and post their CV
  • Example of a current researcher
  • Ability to create "Personal publications" that allows users to have full control over their work and see download counts without publishing into the repository.
  • An online workspace where users can store files they are working on, and if needed, share files with colleagues or their thesis advisor.
  • Contributor pages where users can view download counts for all publications that they are associated with in the repository.
  • Example of a contributor page
  • Faceted Searching (example search for: Graduate Student Research)
  • Embargos (example below embargoed until 2011-01-01)
  • Name Authority Control (Notice changes in last name)
You can see the IR+ system customized for our university and in action.

A further explanation of highlights can be found on my researcher page here.

The documentation for the system (install/user/administration) with lots of pictures can be found on my researcher page here.

Adapted from the e-mail announcement

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