Monday, December 07, 2009


Is anyone using Twitter to distribute cataloging information? I've found a list of catalogers on Twitter, but most are not using it mainly as a way to get news out.


yo_bj said...

As the curator/ringmaster of the list, I've mainly seen cataloging questions and the occasional cataloging rant between the tweeting catalogers. There has been some posting of cataloging information (like new blog posts or official announcements from various institutions) and they do make the RT rounds. Nonetheless, I haven't heard of anyone giving up RSS feeds or AUTOCAT in favor of Twitter for cataloging information.

Unknown said...

You might say that ALCTS is "using Twitter to distribute cataloging information." See their accounts here:

Association for Library Collections and Technical Services

Continuing Education Committee at Association of Library Collections & Technical Services/Council of Regional Groups (moderator: Suhua Fan)

Personally, I feel like twitter has been more useful for networking with other catalogers, getting feedback on cataloging practice, and sharing cataloging related links/info.

KiyomiD said...

One thing you should keep in mind is that not everyone tags their posts with #cataloging.

Also, because of the character limit, when answering questions I and others are not always able to add the word cataloging, or #cataloging to the reply so unless you are following both people tweeting you may not see the response(s).

JJR said...

Dave, I am still impressed by the use of Twitter at Library conferences for real-time communication between colleagues in different sessions.

Might be good for conferences to establish an official "hash tag" (authority control, of a sort) in advance of a conference rather than relying on the "wisdom of crowds" to invent one on the fly.

We are also experimenting with Twitter to send out notices regarding databases being down for maintenance or that have other connectivity issues that we had been putting on a standard blog.

While not technically cataloging related it is a pretty neat idea, and a good use of the medium of Twitter.