Friday, May 22, 2009


The Center for Biological Diversity has a nice collection of natural ringtones.


Happy birthday PacMan, 29 years old today.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HTML5: Microdata

The use of microdata (i.e. microformats) is being considered by the HTML community. A Draft Recommendation has just been released. That would mean it is not yet a standard, still open to comments. "Sometimes, it is desirable to annotate content with specific machine-readable labels, e.g. to allow generic scripts to provide services that are customised to the page, or to enable content from a variety of cooperating authors to be processed by a single script in a consistent manner."

MS Repository System

MS has entered the repository arena with Zentity.
MSR’s Research Output Repository Platform aims to provide the necessary building blocks, tools, and services for developers who are tasked with creating and maintaining an organization’s repository ecosystem. Furthermore, it provides an easy-to-install and maintain experience for those who want to quickly set up a research-output repository for their project, team, or organization. The platform is based on Microsoft’s technologies (SQL Server 2008 and .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1) hence taking advantage of their robustness, their quality support infrastructure, and the plethora of developer-focused tools and documentation. New applications on top of the platform can be developed using any .NET language and the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 environment. The platform focuses on the management of academic assets—such as people, books/papers, lectures, presentations, videos, workflows, datasets, and tags — as well as the semantic relationships between them. In this latest release, developers can declaratively (or at runtime) easily introduce their own asset and relationship types. Support for various formats and services such as full-text search, OAI-PMH, RSS and Atom Syndication, BibTeX import and export, SWORD, AtomPub, RDFS, and OAI-ORE are included as part of the distribution.
Nice to see some standards support.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Video Recording Heading Disposition

LC is seeking comments on Disposition of LCSH Video Recording Headings in the New Genre/Form Environment: Discussion Paper. Reply by June 15.
In the respect that most moving image and radio program genres and forms are now represented by authorized headings, those two projects are essentially complete. However, there is one major heading issue yet to be resolved from the moving image project: the disposition existing topical headings (MARC 21 tag 150) that are specific to video recordings and that often have film equivalents.