Friday, June 05, 2009

Audio Version Now Available

I've just added Odiogo to this weblog. Now, you can listen to posts instead of reading. I don't see much benefit here but it was very very easy to add and the reading is amazing. If you have a weblog that has longer essay pieces, it might make sense and be of benefit to some of your users. There is a podcast version that has a nice feature. The text that is read appears as the lyrics on iPods and maybe other players. You can subscribe to the podcast version of Catalogablog easily. Very impressed with this tool, for some weblogs, it will be an excellent add-on.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

NISO Open Teleconferences

An invitation from NISO.
Join NISO on these free conference calls to learn about new projects within NISO as well as to provide the organization with feedback and input on areas where NISO ought to be engaged. NISO teleconferences are held from 3-4 p.m. (eastern) on the second Monday of each month (excepting July and September). To join, simply dial 877-375-2160 and enter the code: 17800743.

Next call: Monday, June 8, 2009.

The next call will be about the ISO TC46 meeting "Standardization of practices relating to libraries, documentation and information centres, publishing, archives, records management, museum documentation, indexing and abstracting services, and information science."

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Omeka 1.0 is now available.
Omeka version 1.0 includes following features and plug-ins:
  • Basic themes that are easy to adapt with simple CSS changes.
  • Exhibit Builder plugin with 12 page layouts and 5 exhibit themes.
  • Tagging for items and exhibits.
  • RSS feeds for items.
  • COinS plug-in making items readable by Zotero.
  • SimplePages plugin for easily making static pages.
What is Omeka?
Omeka is a free and open source collections based web-based publishing platform for scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, educators, and cultural enthusiasts. Its “five-minute setup” makes launching an online exhibition as easy as launching a blog. Omeka is designed with non-IT specialists in mind, allowing users to focus on content and interpretation rather than programming. It brings Web 2.0 technologies and approaches to academic and cultural websites to foster user interaction and participation. It makes top-shelf design easy with a simple and flexible templating system. Its robust open-source developer and user communities underwrite Omeka’s stability and sustainability.

LJ Webcast on the ILS

A free webcast, Consider the Source: The Integrated Library System Marketplace
When it comes to selecting an Integrated Library System (ILS), there are many factors to be considered with respect to both commercial and open source solutions. Customer support, third party integration, consortia concerns, underlying platform, and institutional stability are key parts of the equation. More than ever, libraries must consider the source of the software applications that keep all library resources accessible, manageable, and affordable, with the ILS at the center of its operations.

Monday, June 01, 2009


News from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
EFF LAUNCHED THE "TEACHING COPYRIGHT" CURRICULUM THIS WEEK to counter misleading educational materials produced by the entertainment industry -- materials that typically try to scare students into believing that making copies is wrong. In contrast, Teaching Copyright is designed to encourage students to make full and fair use of new technology while recognizing their rights and responsibilities. In addition, Teaching Copyright spotlights various stakeholders in the copyright debate, allowing students to better understand the controversies and make informed choices about where they stand.

Please spread the word and pass the link to teachers, librarians, media specialists, and technology instructors. They won't get to use it if they don't know about it! And please support EFF in our efforts to present balanced information about rights and responsibilities online.

For the "Teaching Copyright" website.

For the press release announcing the launch.