Friday, August 07, 2009

Printing Labels

Looking for advice. I want to print card labels. I hear there is a problem with spine labels fading, sometimes rather quickly, at least on the Dymo printers. Since we are a research library, materials are rarely weeded. I can't afford to redo all the spine labels 10 years from now. So I figure if I can print the card labels that is some time saved.

I use Marc Wizard for cataloging. However, that does not have an option to print continuous feed card labels, every option also has spine labels. Our ILS, Athena, has even fewer options.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I could automate the printing of card labels? Thanks.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

OCLC Digital Forum West

Register Now for the 2009 OCLC Digital Forum West
September 16-17, 2009
Getty Research Institute Lecture Hall, Getty Center

The fifth annual OCLC Digital Forum, co-sponsored by the Getty Research Institute, Orbis Cascade Alliance, OCLC Digital Programs, and OCLC Digital Collection Services, will focus on "Convergence: Where Metadata and Access Meet for Digital Discovery and Delivery."

The Forum will feature national experts from the archival, museum, and library communities to discuss current projects and initiatives exploring creation of metadata for digital discovery and delivery. Distinguished presenters include:
  • Anne J. Gilliland (keynote speaker), Professor, Information Studies & Moving Image Archive Studies and Chair of the UCLA Department of Information Studies
  • Maureen Whalen, Associate General Counsel, J. Paul Getty Trust
  • Kristine Brancolini, Dean of University Libraries, Loyola Marymount University
  • Dr. John Falk, Sea Grant Professor in Free-Choice Learning, Oregon State University
View Schedule and Register

For more information, contact OCLC Digital Programs:
Call 1-800-848-5800 (select 1, then 1, then 2), or e-mail

From the announcement. They are still accepting registrations.

Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP)

August 14 is the deadline to apply for the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) funding. ALA has more details and help.
The American Library Association’s (ALA) Washington Office announces its final push to inform and guide libraries as the August 14, 2009, deadline for the first-round Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant applications draws near. It will hold the third in a series of webinars Wednesday, which will focus on the “nuts and bolts” of the application process.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

OCLC's PURL Server

OCLC has a new version of their PURL server running.
The software is open source and was written for us by Zepheira. The original specifications for the new software allowed for some variation in the exact operation of PURLs. Our thinking was that part of the reason we were redoing the software was to make improvements to PURLs, and we wanted to impose as few restrictions on that as we could. As we attempted the transition, however, reality collided with our best intentions and we found that changes that seemed quite reasonable had too great an impact on existing users. Working through those issues took quite a bit of work and a lot of testing, but I think we finally managed it.

Probably the most important new feature in PURLs is the ability to create advanced PURLs for which you can control the HTTP status code (e.g. the new 303-See Other redirection code used in the semantic Web). You can also delete PURLs. Once you have done this the PURL is tombstoned so there is a record in the PURL server, even though the PURL no longer is available for redirection.

New Unshelved Book

I'm always happy to see a new Unshelved book. The latest is Reader’s Advisory.
Packed with awesome, Reader’s Advisory is the funniest and best-drawn Unshelved collection yet. If you’ve never bought one of our books this is a great place to start!

Includes daily strips touching on homework help, The Kid Who Wouldn’t Read, volunteers, cat psychics, local authors, emergency drills, library students, cupcakes, and ukuleles. Plus full-color Unshelved Book Clubs and never-before-published Conference Tips. Foreword by Wondermark's David Malki!