Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Korean Guidelines

Catalogers dealing with Korean materials should check out the extensive guidelines in the latest Cataloging Service Bulletin.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Date Time Discussuion

The Library of Congress has created an e-mail discussion list for continuing discussion of the developing date/time specification, EDTF.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Decision Regarding the Final Disposition of LCSH Headings for Video Recordings

LC has published Decision regarding the final disposition of LCSH headings for video recordings.
In summary, the decisions are:
  • Topical headings (MARC tag 150) denoting a genre or form of video recording will be cancelled in favor of the correlated film headings;
  • The heading Video mini-series will be revised to Film mini-series and the heading Television mini-series will be retained;
  • The existing topical heading Interactive video will be made plural and a genre/form heading will be created; and,
  • Genre/form headings for Internet videos, podcasts, and webisodes will be created.

MARC Update No. 10

News from the Network Development and MARC Standards Office.
Update No. 10 (October 2009) is now available on the MARC website. It is integrated into the documentation for each of the Online Full and Concise formats that are maintained on that site -- the Bibliographic format, Authority format, Holdings format, Classification format, and Community Information format. The documentation includes changes made to the MARC 21 formats resulting from proposals which were considered by the ALA ALCTS/LITA/RUSA Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI), the Canadian Committee on MARC (CCM) and the BIC Bibliographic Standards Group in 2009. Many of the changes in this update have been made to accommodate the new cataloging rules, Resource Description and Access (RDA). Note that no changes are made to the Classification and Community Information Formats in this update.

The changes are indicated in red. Each format also has an appendix, "Format Changes for Update No. 10 (October 2009)" that lists the changes that comprise the update. The Web version of the formats is the official version and is considered the start for implementation planning for MARC 21. Users are not expected to begin using the new features in the format until 60 days from the date of this announcement: January 13, 2010. For more information about format documentation see:

The printed version of the update will be available through the Cataloging Distribution Service in the future. The format update will include pages for fields that have been changed, with changes marked with sidelining. At the same time the 2009 Concise formats will be made available in print. The printed publications will be announced when they are ready for distribution.

Classification Presentations

Presentations from the International UDC Seminar 2009 are now available.
The International UDC Seminar 2009 "Classification at a Crossroads: multiple directions to usability" took place on 29-30 October in the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague.

Colleagues may be interested in the conference recordings (mp3), slides and photographs that are now available....

There were 22 talks on the topic of changes in classification use, relationships between classification and thesaurus, the relationship between classification schemes and semantic technologies etc. There were 135 participants from 32 countries of Europe, North America and Asia.