Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Ebook Reader?

Lately I've had technolust for an ebook reader. This is something I can resist, but it does make me more aware of the market. I've played with the Nook when at B&N. Checked out the Sony at Boarders. Now another player has entered the market, the Nintendo DS. A new offering for the DS is 100 Classic Books. I can't see reading books on a DS, maybe the DS XL would be better, but some people do read books on phones and those screens are even smaller. And many people already have a DS, so maybe adding a few books to the game mix would work for some people. My DS already is a Web browser, MP3 player, notepad, and camera, as well as a gaming platform. Books would be just another part of the mix. I do think I'll still keep looking for a perfect e-ink reader. Might be years.

Any libraries planing to buy 100 Classic Books for their collection?

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